ThorPay Payment Solution

In a world that is rapidly trying to adapt to cryptocurrency, ThorPay has provided the next generation of payment solution. They have designed a user-friendly, fast speed system allowing retailers, E-commerce merchants and various third parties to accept payments easily and safely in different cryptocurrencies.

We were approached by ThorPay for the web design of their platform, giving us a chance to be part of this revolutionary change in the world of money as we know it. For this project, firstly a wireframe was designed, with a solid and modern look to reflect the attributes of the business and to ensure that the aesthetics would be as simple and effective as the solution they provide. Next, the typography and colours were assigned, keeping in mind the brand identity revolving around technological innovations.
With the groundwork in place, we went to work on the elements to populate the website, creating interesting visual icons and cues to simplify the complex tech and make it easy and interactive.

Finally, the landing pages were designed with the end result being a user interface that is visually appealing, easily understood and even more simple to use.