Branding for Real Estate

In a rapidly modernizing city, Silver Oak Residences brings elite yet affordable homes to the heart of Bangalore. A project by Hilltop Arcade in association with the Hinduja Group, this endeavour brings together the real-estate development subsidiary of the Singhania Group with the giant conglomerate that is the the Hinduja empire to truly create an elitist offering enriching the real-estate of the IT capital of India.

This project brings innovation, sustainability and excellence to the arena and we were honored to get the chance to be a part of it by building the brand identity for Silver Oak Residences.

Starting with the logo, we decided to forego the prevailing color choices in real estate to give the brand a contrasting and distinctive color story to ensure it stands out from its competition. The visual elements reflected the innovation and sustainability in the real estate industry that highlight the uniqueness of the brand offering and effectively narrates the brand story.

Next we designed a marketing kit including flyers and brochures with attractive and compelling visuals combining graphic delivery with use of photography to create a beautifully personal and informative communication tool. We also designed the outdoor advertising and digital marketing assets for the brand for a well rounded 360 delivery on their brand needs.
The final result was a sophisticated and all-encompassing brand identity design for one of the most premier real estate properties in Bangalore.