Shell Animation

Shell is a prominent name in the industrial world of today. Shell Oil Company, based in the United States, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. The British-Dutch parent company is one of the six oil and gas ‘supermajors’ - publicly traded companies that control the bulk of the global industry. Vertically integrated and extensively diversified, Shell aims to meet global energy demands in a sustainable manner.

In India, Shell has a significant information technology centre and a financial business operations centre, employing over 4000 people. In addition to providing extensive employment, Shell Companies in India work to create a positive influence in the communities and societies in which they operate.

Shell gave us the interesting opportunity to work with them on their team animation video. With the enormous team operating in India, this video aimed to explain their day to day work life to encourage.

As the content revolved around the employees of Shell, the first step of the motion graphics started with the character design. The illustrations was executed in a quirky and vibrant style to add an element of fun to the motivational purpose of the video. The illustrations were then juxtaposed with the faces of real employees from the company to make the video relatable and more engaging. Finally, the artworks were animated into a motion graphics.

The final video depicted a lively narrative of work life at Shell, which was a delightful piece of content for the brand and its workforce.