Infographic on Learning Interventions in SBOs

Shell is a prominent name in the industrial world of today. Shell Oil Company, based in the United States, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. The British-Dutch parent company is one of the six oil and gas ‘supermajors’ - publicly traded companies that control the bulk of the global industry. Vertically integrated and extensively diversified, Shell aims to meet global energy demands in a sustainable manner.
In India, Shell has a significant information technology centre and a financial business operations centre, employing over 4000 people. As part of the Shell Business Operations in the country, the company remains committed to innovation and collaboration. Devolv got the opportunity to design an infographic about the SBOs for their publications.

The brief revolved around a central aim of transforming the large quantity of complex information into a visually compelling artwork to make it interesting and easily interpreted by readers. To achieve this we chose to keep the design crisp and clean, with a simplistic illustrated approach to convert the heavy content into a graphic piece. Vivid colours of the brand’s identity, red and yellow were used, which worked perfectly to highlight data and statistical information.

The final result was an exemplary infographic, which had converted business operations and financial data into effortless and uncomplicated visual content.