Matchbox Communication

Matchbox is the trendiest gastro bar in the heritage site of Hauz Khas, New Delhi. The Gastro Bar effectively catches the spirit of youth and chic class and famously known for their deliciously experimental food, drinks, and constant buzzing events.
Devolv studio has done the branding of this coolest hang out destination and pub. We have fueled up the designing enclave of matchbox by making exhilarating menu designs, setting up the daily event creative’s, skillfully handling social media handles and designing their promotional videos.We have recreated and channelized the brand image of matchbox fruitfully.

The announcement brochures, menu cards were designed by our audacious designers. We took it as a challenge to develop a superb brand image and gave it an entirely different identity. The vibrant events at the bar are perfectly planned and designed by our teams. We create the uproar events with envisioning of the vigorous crowd of Gurgaon and Hauz Khas.
The interior of this place is superbly planned and developed by us; this keeps them as fresh as their freshly brewed beer.The designs done for the bar are as exhilarating as their trendiest food and drinks. We have turned the matchbox designs into a Visual Delight thus our indivisible journey of four years is running superbly.

The customer’s Glee is preserved by our content and engaging interiors and we make sure you’re happy modes are turned on by our terrific interior and presentation ideas.
The stanch image of the matchbox lounge was created by our designers and we are proudly taking up their social media handles as well to keep them in ranking always. The admirable promotional videos are always making news and creating attention online. Popularity gained by the enthralling endorsement videos and tasty food stories gathered a lot of attention by the visitors to please their sense of taste and enjoy the sublime interiors.