Wheat Flour Packaging

With our environment becoming more exploited and toxic with each passing day, we have learnt to take extra care in what we are growing, as well as consuming. The move towards organic food was long overdue.

Based in Mumbai, Greengold provides wheat flour, that’s not just 100% organic, but also made from whole wheat. This makes it free of toxins from fertilizer and pesticide driven agriculture, retaining rich organic content of the grain. Additionally, processed whole wheat preserves all the nutrients, right from the seed to the bran, making the flour truly healthy, and we were lucky to have got the opportunity to design the packaging for this product.

We were focussed on showcasing this flour as distinctive from the other literal ‘run-of-the-mill’ products in the market. Hence, we decided to go with a bright attractive colour story and sparse motifs to keep the attention of a viewer on the key informative elements. Two variations were designed to provide options, but the aesthetics were kept consistent.

The final packaging was a novel approach to showcasing the everyday product, ensuring people give it a second glance during their rushed grocery shopping.