Website for Travel Education

EdTerra, a bridge between classroom learning and wisdom earned through travel, has created a unique world where education meets travel for learning purposes. It is India’s leading student education travel company trusted by the country’s top-ranked schools to organize educational trips for students. They also offer highly specialised summer camps and international journeys to students who wish to travel independently with us through our Go Direct division.

As we work with EdTerra on a retainership basis we were taken on an exploratory journey involving ingenious designs through the process. We were approached by EdTerra for designing advice for the brand and it translated into a four-year journey with them. One of the most defining projects of our collaboration was the chance to design the website for EdTerra.

This project was a challenge because of the sheer amount of users on the website and volume of programs offered by EdTerra. The website did not just have to reflect a clear brand identity, but also provide a seamless and unique experience while providing clear and detailed information. Hence, we started with a wireframe to inform the design keeping in mind the navigation flow and information structure and ensure an adaptive grid layout for a responsive user-focused design.

Next we moved to the design stage guided by the brand visual identity adhering to minute details for the perfect sizes and measures. Iconography for the website was custom designed to add the perfect amount of distinctive flavour to their different programs, and make final showcase a delight in digital user experience.