Infographic on Digital Payments

Dalberg Global Development Advisors is a strategy and policy advisory firm, working in over 90 countries with governments, foundations, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. They define themselves as a ‘global group of changemakers’ with a mission to build a more inclusive and sustainable world and the core purpose of mobilizing effective responses to the world's most pressing issues.

Dalberg, in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, gave us the opportunity to design an infographic on Digital Payments in India. As the project was rooted in the digital economy and financial information, it required us to effectively synthesize the enormous amount of copy and numeric datasets into an visual story. The challenge lay in the perfect transition of this extensive information into one infographic that could be easily understood while still retaining all the valuable data. Working closely with the team at Dalberg helped us achieve that.

Presenting this data in an appealing visual was also critical, and for that purpose, we chose to use a subtle background and a limited palette with contrasting colors in order to highlight just the key data and not overpower the importance of the information presented.
The concise content and creative execution enabled us to create an infographic that was an amalgamation of expansive content with simplistic presentation to make it easy to consume by any reader.