Proskin Packaging

Pro Skin is a comprehensively wide and renowned range of cosmetics since a decade. They have emerged as a famous and well-established cosmetics brand over the years.
The branding and packaging of all the cosmetics range were designed and creatively planned by our expert team. The patterns have been designed fabulously for the entire product range to make the products look alluring. The distinctive designing of the product jar was done by keeping in mind the ingredients inside the skincare products.

When the designs are framed ingeniously then a brand emerges marvelously !! Therefore we came with a modish logo for Proskin which makes it contemporary image afresh.
Our team is endowed with creative designing talents in the packaging of products which have spoken out prolifically in the branding ride for Proskin. The consumer demands were deeply studied by market research experts of our team while designing for our client, which makes it easy to connect the product range with its consumers.All the primary and tertiary packaging designs were focused while designing for Proskin. This culture was pursued while designing the entire range, therefore, the retail display is immensely appealing.

The brand has earned prominence because of its tony and trendy packaging designs. They clearly emerged out as a famous cosmetics company loved by their hundred million followers and successfully being consumed across 23 states majorly UAE, Eastern Europe, and top5 e-commerce platforms. The engaging designs absorbed by the brand makes them successful and help them to be identified amongst all their competitor companies.

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