China Expo Astana

Our world today is fast running majorly on fossil fuels at the very high cost of the environment and sustainability. We have reached a stage where we have no option but to consider our energy consumption today for the effect it will have on our tomorrow. The Expo 2017 Astana was an International Exposition aimed to create a global debate between countries, non-government organizations, companies and consumers on this burning topic of ‘Future Energy’. It posed the critical question: ``How do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing CO2 emissions?`` to the world at large, to instigate not just conversation, but also action on this issue.

We got the amazing opportunity to be part of this disruptive debate with the task of designing an animated video describing China’s role in changing the way energy is consumed in the country. The huge consumption of energy, mainly derived from coal has led to emissions causing an infamous smog in urban China. But as the fairly large and densely populated country aims to continue the use of coal in the near future, it has become imperative for them to find a way to use it sustainably leading to the use of carbon capture and storage technology.

The short explainer video had to clearly demonstrate the problem as well as the solution in less than one and a half minutes, while ensuring the content could be easily consumed by the average viewer not well versed in emerging energy technologies. Simple illustrated frames, combined with a powerful narrative, was how we creatively executed this project. The CCS technology was made uncomplicated with the motion graphics and the strategically designed frames served to illuminate the vast amplitude and impact of the process.
The final animated video was a precise piece of communication fitting for an international platform addressing an issue of global impact.